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Aftercare Advice

After receiving one of our physical treatments (Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Aura Cleanse or Chakra Balance), some people may experience a ‘healing reaction’. This is a positive sign of deep healing and is shown on a physical and/or emotional level. It is the release/loosening of negative energies and toxins from the body. Reaction of the treatment will differ from person to person as the degrees of balance or imbalance in each one of us will be different. Although many of the reactions to a treatment are pleasant, there can be the reaction like the ones listed below that are considered as ‘not unusual’:

  • Increased urination

  • Darker coloured urine/stronger smelling

  • Flatulence/increased bowel movement

  • Increased perspiration

  • Improved skin texture/tone due to increased circulation

  • Increased secretions of the mucous membranes

  • Disrupted sleep patterns – deeper or disturbed

  • Depression, overwhelming desire to weep

  • Coughing or runny nose

Any of the above symptoms are very positive. When people begin to heal as a whole, their lives are affected at a deeper level than the physical symptoms. This is because normally many parts of our lives have a connection with the physical or psychological symptoms, so the healing often causes major reorganisation on many levels. If you have any concerns contact your Therapist immediately.

You should therefore drink plenty of water, avoid tea, coffee or other caffeine products or alcohol for 24 hours, eat light meals, cut down on smoking and make time to relax.

If you are worried or have any questions at all please contact your therapist immediately. If you have any major concerns contact your GP or other health care professional.

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