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Corporate Services

Mindful Me Course

Taking a holistic approach to employee and manager health, this course looks to improve mental health & well-being and can be provided in person or online as either a weekly session over 5 weeks, as a 1 day or 2 half day course.

Covering 6 different subjects, it provides practical ways and exercises to help them make positive changes in their lives making them happier & healthier physically, mentally & emotionally.

Meditation Course

Meditation is increasing in popularity as more people discover its benefits and there are a number of scientific studies that give empirical evidence to show that meditation can improve health.

Normally comprising of a four week basic course (1 hr per week), based at a location of the organisation's preference, or online. Employees and managers learn the basics in relaxation and breathing techniques and they will be taken through a different meditation each week.​

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Corporate Events/Talks

​Talks can last from as little as 15 minutes up to 1-2 hrs or more depending on the needs of your organisation.


Talk Topics include:

  • Managing Stress

  • Work Life Balance

  • Diet & Exercise

  • Improving Sleep

  • Relaxation

All of the above can have a major impact on improving staff attendance and health & well-being

Taster Sessions

Fancy giving your staff a treat? Then why not hire us for the day or half a day to provide 15 min taster sessions for your employees:

  • Indian Head Massage

  • Reiki

  • Chakra Balancing

Show them that you care by providing a little relaxation from the comfort of your office. All that is required is the provision of a quiet room and leave the rest up to us

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