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At Satori we offer a range of Courses for both Private and Corporate Clients

Meditation Courses

Eyes Closed

Satori can provide a range of Meditation options:

  • One to One Training - This would be a private session(s) where the client is given full instruction on meditation and breathing techniques and taken through meditations to suit their needs. Sessions can be provided Face 2 Face or online. Please use the Contact us button or call direct for prices & availability.

  • Group Courses - Based online one hour per week over six weeks (similar to that of term times to miss public/school holidays etc). At the end of the 6 weeks, sign up for the next period of 6 weeks will be available.


Please contact Satori directly for more information or visit the Facebook Page for details of any up and coming programmes.


Meditaton Courses

Mindful Me!

Satori offers the Mindful Me Course which gives you practical ways and exercises to undertake an evaluation of where you are now followed by information and knowledge to help make positive changes to your life.

The course is designed to cover several different elements of our lives that can have a profound effect on our physical and mental well-being. On the course you will learn about:

  • Mindfulness - what is it, self-care and about living in the moment

  • Work-Life Balance & the effects of not getting it right and what you can do about it

  • Improving your sleep and how important it truly is to us

  • Feel Better Inside & Out - basics of a good diet at the appropriate levels and the right amount of exercise

  • Understanding Stress and Practical Ways to Relax thereby reducing stress

As part of the course we will be undertaking lots of practical work, group work and handouts which are yours to keep, culminating into you developing your own 'Way Forward Plan' to make improvements in your life to be Happier & Healthier physically, mentally & emotionally.

GROUP COURSES ARE PROVIDED ONLINE with all the documents emailed to you in advance of each of the 5 weekly sessions which lasts approx 1 1/2 hrs.

CORPORATE COURSES CAN BE PROVIDED IN PERSON or ONLINE and can be a weekly session over 5 weeks, as a 1 day or 2 half day course.

Please contact Satori directly for more information or visit the Facebook Page for details of any up and coming programmes.

Conference Meeting
Mindful Me

Make that Change

The Make that Change sessions have been developed directly from the Mindful Me programme giving you access to just the elements you may wish to explore.


Mindfulness & Work Life Balance (WLB)

So what is Mindfulness & Work Life Balance? Over 1 1/2 hrs online, learn about the current wave of mindfulness therapies along with what we mean by work life balance.


You will undertake a WLB Quiz and receive tips on how to readdress any imbalance. At the end of the course you will understand Mindfulness & Work-Life Balance, be able to recognise imbalance in your life and be able to get the balance back.

Improving Sleep

Why not learn to sleep yourself to better health. Not many people realise how important sleep actually is for us and our health and this 1 1/2 hr online session looks at why & how we sleep, gives you sleep facts, helps you understand how modern living effects sleep and provides practical guidance on sleep hygiene and getting a better nights sleep.

A special section on shift work can also be included for those who don't work a 9-5 role or live with someone on shifts.


Inside & Out

What we put into our bodies and what we do with them can have a major impact on our overall physical & mental health. This session over 2 1/2 hrs online looks at diet and exercise.

In the first part we will look at the importance of what, when and how much you eat and drink, understand how small changes make big differences, work on planning a healthier diet, how to eat more mindfully and change your relationship with food.

In the second half  we look at the importance of exercise, how much exercise do we get, how much we need and also forming habits - Motivation & Reward.

Each section is full of practical guidance, tips, handouts and exercises that will be applied to you are an individual, culminating in your very own outcomes for change.

Go with the Flow (Stress Management & Relaxation)

According to the Oxford Dictionary relaxation is 'the state of being free from tension and anxiety'. In this 1 1/2 hr online session you will learn about how the body reacts to stress, the different types of stress we put ourselves under (both good & bad), learn all about FAC and how you can apply it to your life to master putting the breaks on stress in your life.

You will also take part in relaxation exercises, be given 40 ways to relax as well as be given time to chill in a guided meditation.



All the above courses have a minimum & maximum number of required participants so you may be put onto a waiting list to be added to the next programme. You will be advised of this and waiting times when you book onto the course. All the above courses must be paid for in advance of the start date in order to receive the online log-in information.

Mindfulness & WLB
Improving Sleep
Inside & Out
Go with the Flow
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