Wellness at our Heart

Here at Satori wellbeing is at the heart of the services we offer and as such we are constantly looking to deliver new and different ways to promote physical and emotional wellbeing for anyone to access and enjoy.




Personal Change

Looking for change in your life or to feel more in control? Want to have more confidence or feel less stressed?

Then look no further

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Modern Office

Corporate Change

Want to improve employee performance and or motivation? Looking for ways to reduce staff absence or turnover?

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Personal Change


The one constant in life is change, there is nothing we can do to avoid it and  sometimes we even wish transformation for ourselves. How we deal with these changes is as simple as how we think about it and how much we want it.

Here at Satori, using predominantly hypnotherapy, making revisions and dealing with transformation is as easy as changing your mind, literally and figuratively.

Overcome your issues, unwanted habits, thoughts or behaviours NOW.


Do you feel like you are under too much mental or emotional pressure, are things getting to much?

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Confidence & Self Esteem

Are you hiding yourself away from social situations, stopped trying new things, or avoid things you find challenging?

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Fears & Phobias

Do you have a phobia which is a feeling of fear, anxiety or panic triggered by something in your environment?

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Do you have a 'bad' habit you want to stop such as biting your nails or playing with your hair to name a few? 

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Anxiety & Worry

Are you worrying all the time? Are your feelings of anxiety constant and affect your daily life?

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Weight Loss

Want help to lose weight?  Do you want freedom from thinking about what you are eating all the time?

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Stop Smoking/Vaping

Have you made that decision to quit and want support and help to take the next step?

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Pain Control

Past Life Regression


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