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Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS)

IBS is a common condition affecting the digestive system and the symptoms include stomach cramps, bloating, diarrhoea and constipation which may come and go over time, lasting for days, weeks or months at a time.

​The exact cause is unknown – it's been linked to things like food passing through your gut too quickly or too slowly, oversensitive nerves in your gut, stress and a family history of IBS and it's generally believed that IBS is aggravated by stress rather than caused by it. 

How can Hypnotherapy Help?

The Manchester Model uses relaxation, visualisation and hypnosis to help you reduce the negative effects of stress and increase your sense of wellbeing, which in turn may help to reduce the frequency and severity of IBS symptoms.

You should have a diagnosis of IBS from a medical professional before starting this programme.




We all have evenings when we find it hard to fall asleep or find ourselves waking up in the night which usually sort themselves out within a short period of time. But longer stretches of poor sleep can start to affect our lives. It can cause extreme tiredness, make manageable tasks harder and even start to affect our physical and mental health.


If you regularly have problems sleeping, you may be experiencing insomnia. Insomnia can last for months or even years, but usually improves if you change your sleeping habits.

How can Satori help?

Using a combination of sleep hygiene techniques and hypnotherapy, you will be amazed at how easy it can be to get a better night's sleep.

As part of our 6 week Wellness @ Heart Programme (1hr per week) we do cover 'Sleep Yourself to Better Health' or even better watch out for us running our half-day session of the same title.



Without motivation, you won't achieve anything because there is nothing to aim for and no purpose to strive towards, we simply wouldn't get up in the morning. So motivation is an important life skill and pushes us to work towards our goals which helps our dreams become a reality.

Not everyone is born with motivation and some of us have it at certain times in our lives and others struggle to find it at all. Examples of wanting motivation but not reaching it go like this: I'll start the diet/going to the gym tomorrow, the timing isn't right, one day I will do that or I can't do that. Recognise any?

How can Hypnotherapy help?

Everything about hypnotherapy or helped through hypnotherapy starts with motivation, you have identified something you want to achieve or want to change in your life and you are now actively seeking ways to achieve it, see you are actually motivated.

Lacking in motivation can be caused by flawed subconscious thinking, that's where hypnosis comes in. Using hypnosis, we can directly influence how your mind responds to your goals or the changes you want to achieve and transforms it into a powerful ally – your No. 1 supporter, motivating and encouraging you to forge ahead. So, is today your day for change?


Pain Management

Pain Control

Pain is the body's response to something that is wrong and should never be 'turned off' without identifying and treating the underlying cause, so it is important that you are under the care of a medical professional who has given their permission for you to seek a complimentary therapy to support your treatment plan.

Hypnotherapy is used in a wide variety of settings for short-term and long-term pain and can even help chronic conditions. This list gives you an indication of what can be helped in terms of pain management: headaches/migraines, arthritis, cancer symptoms/treatment side affects, muscular skeletal conditions ie back pain, childbirth, sickle cell, ME/CFS, disability related pain. It has even been used for carrying out operations as an alternative to chemical anaesthetics.


How can Hypnotherapy help?

The perception of physical sensations is directly linked with the way that the mind responds to pain. Focusing on changing the thought patterns related to pain can make a huge difference to pain perception, and helping to reduce associated stress.

We will do this using a variety of techniques which include self-hypnosis, relaxation, hypnotherapy and NPL (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).



According to the Oxford Dictionary relaxation is the ‘State of being free from tension and anxiety’. Now wouldn't we all like to feel that way.


Relaxation in psychology is the emotional state of a living being, of low tension, in which there is an absence of arousal, particularly from negative sources such as anger, anxiety, or fear. But relaxation isn't only about peace of mind or enjoying a hobby. Relaxation is a process that decreases the effects of stress on your mind and body.

Relaxation reduces stress and the symptoms of mental health conditions like depression, anxiety and schizophrenia. It also has other related health benefits, including: lowering your heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate, reducing muscle tension and chronic pain.

How can Satori Help?

Relaxation sessions are available on a one-off or regular basis. This self-hypnosis tuition  means that you can continue to benefit from these relaxation techniques on your own.

Alternatively relaxation sessions and guided meditations form part of a number of courses offered by Satori. Check out our courses for more information

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