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Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression


Regression means a former state and hypnotherapists use the technique to explore memories that may be repressed or forgotten by the conscious mind of a client. This could be through Age Regression or Timeline Therapy and it focuses on resolving significant past events believed to be interfering with a person's present mental and emotional wellness.


During Regression some clients are able to access memories or information from periods of time they simply could not have visited because it was before they were born.

There are many theories as to what is happening, some think it wishful thinking or imagination based on books or movies, others think it is cell or gene memory passed down from previous generations, some suggest it is linked to a collective consciousness or telepathy, others consider it to be deception, self-deception or have paranormal explanations. But most people will associate PLR with reincarnation.

Managing expectations

Some people do get a feeling that they have been here before or they feel a special link to a specific time and/or place in the past. Others get the feeling that the people around them now have shared their lives previously. It has even been suggested that physical ailments or birth marks are linked to old wounds or unresolved emotions can be carried forward. Whatever your reason it can be a very insightful experience.


In terms of the PLR experience, the likelihood is you will not have been anyone famous or a powerful historical figure (but I might be wrong). The amount of people who already say they are the reincarnation of Elvis, Mary Queen of Scots or Tutankhamen make it highly unlikely that you were too - sorry.


Regardless of your motivation or your beliefs, a PLR can be a wonderful experience and could even help you understand yourself better in the here and now and you might be amazed at what you have carried forward as remnants of a past life.


A cautionary word - if you are interested in experiencing a Past Life Regression please make sure it is with a fully qualified practitioner or better yet a hypnotherapist who has been trained in regression. Your subconscious mind is a precious thing and you don't just want anyone poking around in there.

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Why have a Past Life Regression?


Exploring past lives can offer a whole new dimension to understanding your character; why  you are drawn to certain places or have a particular interest in something or place in time.


Many clients enjoy the experience of tracing their past lives purely from the point of curiosity. Certain past existences in particular can be pieced together with great detail, producing names, dates and places. Many of these details have been researched and authenticated, resulting in some fascinating literature on the subject.

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