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Smoking/Vaping Cessation

If you are a smoker you already know how harmful it is. There have been campaigns for years with graphic detail on what it can do to you or how unsociable this habit has now become, ie being relegated to outside to partake in a puff or how expensive it is. Smokers have been known to prioritise their habit over other essentials including their friends and family or even food. Or are you a vaper who managed to give up cigarettes only to become reliant on an electronic cigarette instead? Or started to vape instead of smoke? It doesn't matter.

The fact that you are now reading this shows that you are either wanting to give up, at least thinking about it or are connected to someone who wants to quit. And believe me as an ex-smoker that is a good start.

Have you tried to give up before and failed? Have you used NRT products (nicotine replacement therapies) such as gum, patches, sprays and even tablets from the doctors and still can't quit? Please don't despair.

Smoking/Vaping Cessation

 So why not just Quit?


'A cigarette is the only consumer product that, when used as directed kills it’s consumer'. Dr Brundtland, Director General WHO

Given that it is expensive, unsociable, bad for your health, impacts on your family, friends and people you love or as a vaper the motivations might be different, why on earth would you still do it?


There is something therefore in your mind that drives you to continue to smoke or vape despite you logically understanding that you shouldn’t. For some, smoking is an addictive habit but for others there could be an emotional attachment to smoking/vaping connected to other issues. Some fear that they will be losing some kind of benefit or reward or that they won’t be able to cope with the cravings.  

This is the reason why Hypnotherapy is so successful and is becoming the most recognised and popular method to help smokers quit for good. 


Hypnotherapy works by reprogramming your subconscious mind to understand that smoking/vaping is bad for you and that it is an addiction and habit you no longer want or need.

It's all in the Planning

Don't get me wrong this is not going to be easy. You still need to find the will power and determination to quit - hypnotherapy is not a magic wand nor can it make you quit, as it is not mind control. However, it can be a soothing balm that can help and done in the right way can provide you with tools and support to make the journey easier.

That's why we will be exploring your relationship with smoking/vaping and why you want to quit. Why now and not before? We will also analyse what has failed and been successful in the past if you have already tried to quit. We will also look at when, where, why and how you smoke as these are all important questions to lead us to the destination of you being smoke-free, of you being a non-smoker/a non-vaper.


How can we help?


Satori's programme is different to most others because the Programme is performed over two separate sessions with a top up session if required.

Session 1 (2-21/2 hrs) - called the Preparation Session this is where we explore your relationship with smoking/vaping, strengthening your motivators and finding the right approach and support to help you quit for good. It also includes a short hypnotherapy session to ease you into the process.

Session 2 (1-11/2 hrs) - known as the Cessation Session, this is where you close your eyes and relax whilst we create a focused state of attention known as hypnosis (see Hypnotherapy page for more detail). Using the preparation work we have completed together, along with suggestion and guided imagery we will break the chain of issues and beliefs connected with the habit that may have kept you stuck in the nicotine/vaping loop.

Session 3 - if required and at no additional cost, this session is offered so that if, within 3 months, you are tempted to return to smoking/vaping or you actually start smoking/vaping again we can look at what additional support you might need.

As part of this programme you are also given 2 free Audios: one for relaxation and one specific from Smoking/Vaping Cessation along with other tips and hints.

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