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Weight Control

Whilst issues with body imagine or weight are most often associated with people wanting to lose weight, it can also relate to wanting to gain weight as well. So weight is relative and personal to the individual, just as our treatments plans are.

We get bored of diets or other food fads and regimes, we get sick of exercising or can't motivate ourselves to do it in the first place or do so much of it we cause damage or injury to our body. If you want to control your weight then you need to be up for both a challenge and a change.

Our relationship with food is often the problem and we have some really unhelpful habits that we somehow fall into for example snacking, grabbing food on the go, takeaways, convenience food because we just don't have the time, inclination or energy to cook, or counting calories down to how much water we may be drinking.

On the Scales
Weight Control

Do you want to change?

Making a Healthy Meal

Weight control is about three things - firstly, lifestyle change as no matter what anyone says if you go on a 'diet' to lose/gain weight yes, you might lose/put on weight but if you stop following that regime in all likelihood you will end up back where you started. But hang on do I really want to give up my favourite food forever anyway?! forget it. We have to find balance.


Secondly your relationship with food. How many of us were told that if we ate all our food we could have a treat or desert? Were you told you shouldn't leave food as there are starving people who would be grateful for it? Now, do you clear your plate, or eat for the sake of eating so food is not wasted or thrown in the bin?


Have you noticed that you eat more or less when you feel lonely, stressed, angry or generally emotional in some way?

Are you scared to have a biscuit because you might eat the packet? Do you count calories all day, then binge before bed? Do you skip meals? Do you feel guilty about eating that chocolate bar? Or want to 'work-off' that meal as soon as possible? And you wonder why we need to look at your relationship with food!!!

And thirdly, other underlying issues. These truly are individual so it just depends on you but for example: have you lost or gained weight and no matter what you do you can't budge lower or higher than that, ie have you plateaued? You have followed the 'diet' & exercise regime and still can't gain or lose weight?

Finding a balance between our calorie intake, how much energy we use, keeping foods we love in our diet, changing the way we think about food and ourselves is all part of the process of weight control. Who said this was easy!!!

How can we help?

Your treatment plan is about making you feel confident about your body, change negative thoughts and associations about food and help you control weight responsibly without impacting your emotional well-being.


By targeting the unconscious mind with powerful suggestion techniques, we can help you develop a positive relationship with food which is key to healthy weight control and long-term weight management.

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