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Welcome to Satori

We all lead busy lives, so much so that we either forget or simply do not have the time to make sure that we are balanced in mind, body and spirit.

Being balanced is as important as been fed, watered or even loved. Why? Because being balanced helps us to be happy, healthy and find contentment.

'Balance is not something you find, it is something you create'.

Jana Kingsford.

Here at Satori we offer holistic treatments to help you find balance in your life.

A natural approach to better health

Rock Balancing

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A unique healing method which usually requires the therapist to lightly touch on specific points


Indian Head Massage

Uses firm but gentle movements to release blockages and promote relaxation

Aura Cleanse

Removes blockages and negativity, and re-balances the person's energy field


Chakra Balancing

Opens, realigns, cleanses and balances the energy flowing through the Chakras

Where are we?

Appointments are available in both the Redcar & Stockton Areas

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